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Learning and Performance Development – Published in Training Industry Magazine

BlueSprig January 26, 2023

Implementing a strong training program has proven to be crucial to setting up employees for success in their role. This can help with employee retention, a higher rate of internal promotions, and overall organization growth.

Amanda Fullbright, M. Ed, BCBA, LBA, Senior Vice President of Learning and Performance Development, and Dr. Apral Foreman, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA, Performance Analyst, from BlueSprig’s Learning and Performance Development Team, were recently featured in an article in the Training Industry Magazine, Winter 2023 edition where they divulged the implementation of the BlueSprig internship Training Program as well as its impact.

On page 62 of the Magazine, you will find the casebook, ‘Crafting An Internship Training Program To Grow Your Organization from Within’. Throughout the casebook, Amanda and Apral recount the importance of the BlueSprig Internship Program, which was designed to help technicians upskill to become certified and licensed world-class clinicians, how the program was designed through collaborating with departments and stakeholders through numerous surveys and focus groups, and its implementation and impact, as well as success post-launch.

From measuring the program’s impact, Amanda and Apral reveal that the initiative helped produce 49 newly certified clinicians, 42 of which were offered a clinical supervisor position at BlueSprig.

By investing in programs and initiatives such as the Internship Training Program, BlueSprig has been able to not only help employees grow, but also provide professional development to further their career goals. BlueSprig is honored to have Amanda and Apral as part of the team and look forward to continuing to support the Learning and Performance Development Department as they continue to identify ways to make a positive impact on the lives of our team members, and the industry as a whole. Check out their casebook here.