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How Trumpet Ensures High-Quality ABA Therapy

Joshua Sleeper October 8, 2020

Providing high-quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is at the core of Trumpet Behavioral Health’s mission. To ensure every individual’s autism therapy plan is appropriately designed and carried out, Trumpet has developed a comprehensive system of supervision, mentorship, and clinical oversight. Read on to learn more about how Trumpet ensures every therapist has the training and support to provide quality, compassionate, and culturally-sensitive ABA therapy.

Supervision & Mentorship For ABA Therapists

Every Trumpet team member is assigned a supervisor. Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBTs) are assigned a Clinician (also known as BCBAs, or Board Certified Behavior Analysts). Clinicians are supervised by a Senior Clinician, and Senior Clinicians are supervised by the Regional Director. Every therapist receives weekly 1:1 supervision, and Clinicians and Senior Clinicians also receive monthly group supervision. This model allows us to ensure that ABA professionals at every level are practicing appropriate ABA strategies. It also allows Trumpet to provide ongoing professional growth and train the next generation of BCBAs.

Clinical Competencies For ABA Therapists

As part of the oversight process, team members must show competency in various clinical tasks. Additionally, some competencies are a requirement in order for a therapist to be promoted to a new level. Clinical competencies include the ability to explain and provide examples of behavior analysis to parents and caregivers, identify the function of the behavior (or underlying reason why the behavior occurs), design an appropriate behavioral intervention plan, and train the therapy team to carry out behavior assessments and plans. This supervision takes place in addition to the education and training required for each ABA therapist role.

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Leadership Competencies For ABA Therapists

ABA therapists also receive training to effectively communicate with their team and the families they serve. To become a Trumpet Clinician, individuals must demonstrate high levels of professionalism, communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills.

Quality Assurance Audits

In addition to mentorship, supervision, and training to competency, Trumpet created a unique system to ensure each child’s program is serving them as effectively as possible. Every quarter, Trumpet conducts a systematic audit of all clients’ programs. During the audit, we examine every child’s intervention plan and progress. This allows us to have complete transparency at every level and allows us to quickly identify individuals who need additional support and resources.

Clinical supervision and quality assurance are crucial to our mission of providing every individual with high-quality autism treatment. To learn more about our approach to ABA therapy, contact us today or find an autism therapy center near you.

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