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How To Become An ABA Therapist

Amber Valentino March 10, 2020

Applied behavior analysis, or ABA therapy, is recognized as the most effective form of autism treatment and is used to teach individuals with autism important life skills and behaviors. ABA therapists play a key role in helping children with autism reach their full potential, and as a result, entering this profession can be a very rewarding career choice. If you’re considering becoming an ABA therapist, continue reading to learn more about the profession and how to start your career in this field.

Types of ABA Therapists

There are several types of ABA professionals, which require varying levels of experience and education. These include:

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA): BCBAs are the most highly-qualified group of ABA professionals. BCBAs conduct behavioral assessments, analyze the results, and at Trumpet, create and measure the effectiveness of completely personalized treatment plans to meet each child’s specific needs. To become a BCBA, individuals must:
    • Have a master’s degree
    • Complete 225 academic hours
    • Complete appropriate supervision and experience requirements
    • Pass the Board Certification exam. Find out more about BCBAs.
  • Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA): A BCaBA practices under a BCBA. With supervision, BCaBAs can conduct behavioral assessments and interpret results. They can also provide training and supervision to registered behavior technicians (see below). To become a BCaBA, an individual must:
    • Hold a bachelor’s degree
    • Earn the required experience hours under a BCBA
    • Pass the BCaBA exam.
  • Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT): RBTs can provide ABA therapy under the supervision of a BCBA or BCaBA. To become an RBT at Trumpet, an individual must:
    • Depending on the location, have (or be working toward) either a high school or bachelor’s degree
    • Complete 40 hours of training 
    • Pass the RBT Competency Assessment. 
    • Pass the RBT exam
  • Behavior Skills Therapist (BST): BST refers to an individual in the process of getting their RBT certification.This is an entry-level position that requires either a high school or bachelor’s degree, depending on the location.

How To Become An ABA Therapist At Trumpet

At Trumpet, we want to help you grow your career. Once you’re hired as a BST, we provide motivated team members with paid training that fulfills the 40 academic hours needed to become an RBT. Our program blends live instruction, online modules, and shadow sessions to help you prepare and pass the RBT Competency Assessment, the RBT exam, and to excel in your new role.

If you’re on the path to becoming a BCBA or BCaBA, Trumpet can help you earn supervised hours. You can even apply to receive tuition reimbursement from Trumpet.

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Becoming an ABA professional is a rewarding and fulfilling career choice. If you’re interested in becoming certified, contact us today, visit us at an upcoming career event, or view open positions near you!