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How Successful Is ABA Therapy?

Joshua Sleeper November 18, 2020

Research shows that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a successful method for improving language, cognitive abilities, adaptive behaviors, and social skills while reducing aggression and anxiety. To reach this level of success, it’s important that your ABA provider uses evidence-based methods to design, implement, and evaluate autism therapy services. At Trumpet, our experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) customize each ABA treatment plan to meet each individual’s specific needs. After designing each plan, your therapy team will continually monitor your child’s progress to ensure they’re moving toward their treatment goals.

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How Long Does It Take For ABA Therapy To Work?

ABA therapy isn’t often successful immediately, and your therapy team will need time to both establish a positive relationship with your child and fine-tune their therapy plan. If you’ve been doing ABA therapy for a while and don’t believe your child is making progress, talk with your therapy team about your concerns. Together, you can review your child’s plan and determine any issues or variables impacting his or her progress. If your child isn’t progressing despite following the therapy plan, your therapist can request assistance from Trumpet’s Peer Review Committee. This committee is dedicated to reviewing and altering ABA therapy plans based on ethical, and evidence-based methods.

What If ABA Therapy Isn’t Helping With Autism Symptoms?

Trumpet’s Chief Clinical Officer, Amber Valentino leads the Peer Review Committee. This committee is made up of people with both experience and knowledge of the individual child. Once the committee has gathered, they’ll review your child’s Functional Behavior Assessment, treatment data and observations, and the current behavioral treatment plan. Working closely with your BCBA, the Committee will evaluate your child’s goals and any variables or issues that could be affecting your child’s progress. After reviewing and evaluating all of this information, the Committee will make initial recommendations. Then, they will meet with your child’s BCBA frequently to monitor and make additional recommendations.

The Trumpet Difference

By closely monitoring each individual’s progress and providing extensive support, Trumpet’s ABA therapy is unlike any other. We know every child with autism requires individualized care. In keeping with that mission, we draw on our team’s vast experience and knowledge to assess, recommend changes, and implement effective and successful ABA therapy plans.

As your dedicated autism partner, the Trumpet team will do whatever it takes to help your child reach their full potential. To learn more about our research-based autism treatment, contact us today or find an autism therapy center near you.

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