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Comprehensive ABA Therapy Training At Trumpet

Joshua Sleeper September 8, 2020

Trumpet Behavioral Health is committed to transforming the lives of children with autism through high-quality ABA therapy. To ensure every child receives the autism treatment they deserve, Trumpet designed an online ABA therapy training program. Our program provides therapists with the training, best practices, and certifications they need to positively impact their clients.

What Is The Trumpet Learning Center?

The Trumpet Learning Center is a comprehensive eLearning program for ABA therapy training. The program is designed to deliver superior online training to all Trumpet team members. The Trumpet Learning Center has classes for all new therapists to educate them on Trumpet’s unique form of ABA therapy. The platform also offers ongoing professional development and resources for current autism therapists.

New Hire Training For ABA Therapists

Registered Behavioral Technicians, or RBTs, provide ABA therapy under the supervision of highly qualified Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). To become an RBT, individuals must complete 40 hours of training and pass the RBT Competency Assessment and RBT Examination. Using the Trumpet Learning Center, new therapists take a comprehensive, online course that prepares them to meet the core requirements of the field, including:

  • Measurement
  • Assessment
  • Skill acquisition
  • Behavior reduction
  • Documentation & reporting

By implementing a universal, online training program, Trumpet ensures every RBT is ready to provide the very best ABA treatment to the families we serve.

Online Training For ABA Clinicians

As leaders in the organization, Associate Clinicians and Clinicians support the Trumpet team by completing behavioral and functional assessments, generating behavior and skill acquisition plans, and ensuring every child receives effective ABA therapy. The Trumpet Learning Center helps incoming clinicians understand the resources they can use to support their new teammates. By blending eLearning with live training and shadowing, clinicians can quickly begin to make a positive impact.

Ongoing Professional Development For ABA Professionals

To provide the best care to children with autism, Trumpet team members attend ongoing professional development and training courses. Trumpet is an approved continuing education provider for ABA therapists. This means that our team members have ample opportunities to learn more about the field.

One of the most popular ongoing professional development programs at Trumpet is the Journal Club, a monthly meeting that explores new topics, emerging resources, or best practices in the field. Journal Club discussions are available through the Trumpet Learning Center, allowing team members to expand their knowledge by revisiting previous topics.

Become An ABA Therapist At Trumpet

Trumpet is a leading provider of ABA therapy, and we pride ourselves on using the latest, evidence-based methods to make a difference in the lives of children with autism. By providing comprehensive ABA therapy training programs and continuing education to our team members, we can help children live life to the fullest. If you’re interested in becoming certified or growing your ABA career with Trumpet, contact us today or view open positions near you!