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Compassionate Care in ABA

Brice Lange June 20, 2022

Embodying Compassion at TBH

At Trumpet Behavioral Health we practice compassionate care with our clients by engaging in active, ongoing discussions on how we, as ABA service providers, can do better for our clients. This is what sets us apart from other service providers. We’re improved by our ability to involve all relevant stakeholders in conversations about how we can maintain a standard of excellence in the services we provide for our clients. This demonstrates compassionate care because we are protecting the rights of our clients and advocating for vulnerable populations.

Compassion and Our Clients

Service providers that work with individuals with disabilities have one goal in mind: habilitation. Habilitation involves teaching the skills needed to live as independently as possible (Favell et al., 1984). Every human has a right to habilitation, but what does this mean for people with developmental disabilities? How can we, as service providers, protect our clients’ rights to habilitation and the freedom to choose? The answer is with compassionate care!

Defining Compassionate Care

I once read an article by Bannerman et al. (1990) titled: Balancing the Right to Habilitation with the Right to Personal Liberties: The Rights of People with Developmental Disabilities to Eat Too Many Doughnuts and Take a Nap. The article advocates for vulnerable populations to have their personal liberties recognized and protected. It is our job, as ABA service providers, to ensure we are allowing our clients the same liberties that we would allow ourselves. Think about it this way: If you weren’t able to make simple choices on what dessert to eat and when or what you can spend your paycheck on that would feel pretty upsetting, right? So why do we limit the choices of our clients in similar situations?

Compassionate care in ABA therapy means advocating for and protecting the right to habilitation and personal liberties of the individuals we work with. This is especially important because we work with vulnerable populations.

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