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Combining ABA Therapy With Additional Services

Joshua Sleeper November 18, 2021

If your child has received an autism diagnosis, you’re likely in the process of assembling care teams. However, it can feel challenging to determine which care providers your child needs. For example, they may already have a pediatrician, but they might also require a speech-language pathologist and occupational therapist. In this blog, we’re discussing how certain additional services can support your child alongside their ABA therapy.

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What Additional Services Can Be Provided Alongside ABA Therapy?

While determining the best providers for your child will vary based on their needs and abilities, there are a few key partners to consider alongside your child’s ABA therapy.

Specialized Therapists

At Trumpet, we have robust resources to teach many specialized skills, including communication tools and modifications. Throughout your child’s ABA treatment, our teams continuously monitor your child’s progress and assess what additional services could help them reach their goals. In some cases, we may recommend partnering with a specialized type of therapist, such as a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) or Occupational Therapist (OT). When we recommend an SLP, OT, or other therapist, we’ll partner with them to ensure their treatment plans target your child’s current goals.

Primary Care Physicians And Other Specialists for Children with Autism

Collaboration with a primary care physician (PCP) and other specialists can be an important part of your child’s ABA therapy. For example, if your child has underlying medical conditions, such as seizures or macrocephaly, it’s extremely important for your child’s ABA therapist to have information about these medical conditions. You might also consider adding a psychologist, physical therapist, and dietician to your child’s care team, as appropriate for their needs.

How Trumpet Provides Support For Assembling A Care Team

At Trumpet Behavioral Health, we’re committed to supporting your child with autism in a holistic and comprehensive way. We collaborate with outside providers and provide several levels of support for you as you determine which providers and specialists would work best with your child. When we determine your child could benefit from additional professional services outside of their regular ABA, we’ll recommend a referral to a trusted provider. Once your team is assembled, your family’s ABA team will continue to communicate regularly with you as well as other providers to make sure your child receives cohesive, continuous support.

Moving Forward With Assembling Your Child’s Team

It’s important to speak with several health care providers about any concerns you have regarding their child’s specific needs. A good place to start is with your child’s PCP. Depending on your child’s needs and areas of concern, their PCP can make referrals to specialists who can identify challenges and areas where they can support your child. And at Trumpet Behavioral Health, our team is here to support you as you determine which specialists are best for your child with autism. Contact us today to learn more about our holistic approach to ABA therapy.