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Celebrating Black History Year-Round

BlueSprig February 25, 2021

While today may be the official end of Black History Month, we hope that you are inspired to celebrate Black excellence all year long. You can keep the celebration going in many different ways. Here are just a few impactful ways to do so.

Read Together

Reading about the successes of important historical figures is a great way to continue learning. These are a few of our favorite books showcasing just that. Be sure to click the linked titles to dive into a fun video story time of each book.

The ABCs of Black History

the ABCs of Black History

The ABCs of Black History is a poetic tale about some of the pivotal figures and moments that make up Black history. It’s a lively alphabet book with a rhythmic flow that goes over important topics that you and your child can talk about together.

I Am Brave: A Little Book about Martin Luther King, Jr.

I am Brave - book cover

I Am Brave: A Little Book about Martin Luther King, Jr. is a board book meant for little ones to learn all about who Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was. It is an interactive adventure through the pillars that he embodied – education, love, justice, peace, and taking a stand.

The Youngest Marcher

the young marcher book cover

The Youngest Marcher is a powerful story about Audrey Faye Hendricks, the youngest known member of the Civil Rights Movement. The book follows 9-year-old Audrey as she details life during the time of segregation laws. All she wants is to have the same rights as her White counterparts and is inspired to join a peaceful protest. In doing that, she became a change-maker that played a significant role in repealing segregation laws.

Dream Big, Little One

dream big little one book cover

Dream Big, Little One is a gem of a book that inspires little ones by showing them that they can do whatever they put their minds to. Little ones are encouraged to reach for the stars and take chances like Maya Angelou, Bessie Coleman, and other great leaders in Black history.

Hidden Figures

hidden figures book cover

Hidden Figures is a story about four intelligent, talented mathematicians who defied all odds to send us on our greatest adventure. These women made incredible discoveries that fueled the space race. This book is the inspiring story of their perseverance and the impact of their life’s work.

I Am Rosa Parks

i am rosa parks book cover

I Am Rosa Parks is about Rosa Parks’ life and her journey through fighting the harsh conditions of segregation. It goes over the events that led up to her arrest, a crucial moment that helped inspire the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Thanks to her brave actions, after 381 days of boycotting, the buses were integrated at last.

Be a Role Model

You are no doubt already an excellent role model for your child. And when it comes to celebrating Black excellence all year long, you can be one for your child in this respect, too. Simply making them aware of brave chance-takers like those in our book list above and teaching them about all sorts of cultures that may be similar or different to their own are some steps that can make a very big impact.

We too are dedicated to taking steps toward making an impact, as one of our core values is creating a level playing field for all. Through Kintsugi, our powerhouse diversity and inclusion mission, we work to foster a workplace that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive. This mission is truly a vital part of who we are and what we stand for. You can learn all about how we are turning our values into action here.

Practice Advocating

Teaching your child how to advocate for something that they believe in just like their favorite heroes could be a great way to celebrate and honor Black History Month as well. You can start with teaching them important self-advocacy skills so that they know how to advocate for themselves as well as others. According to the Organization for Autism Research, you can teach your child this skill in a few key ways. You can start by giving them the freedom to make choices such as asking whether they want to play with one toy or another. You can show them that their needs are important by having them take part in planning their own activities, such as with a calendar. You can also encourage them to try doing activities as independently as possible so that they understand the importance of doing things on their own.

We know that advocacy is a crucial skill, which is why we advocate for all children and work towards a level playing field for all. This research demonstrates that the most effective treatment to improve outcomes for children with ASD is through early intervention programs. Despite that, the CDC explains that Black children are less likely to be diagnosed and more likely to miss out on the ABA therapy services and diagnoses that they deserve. Through important trainings and our diversity and inclusion mission, Kintsugi, we are working to eliminate these racial disparities in the ABA field.

We hope that these tips help you and your family celebrate the importance of Black History Month all year long!