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Autism Centers Designed With Safety In Mind

Joshua Sleeper April 21, 2021

Safety is at the core of any successful Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy center. By creating a safe, welcoming space for individuals with autism and their families, Trumpet makes it easier to help kids learn valuable new skills and reach their full potential. From our furniture to flooring choices, every part of Trumpet’s behavior therapy centers is designed with safety in mind. Read on to learn more about how the design of our centers prioritizing safety and how we cultivate an environment for individuals with autism, their families, and our staff.

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Safety and Interior Design Considerations for Autism Therapy Centers

High-Quality Furniture

Trumpet invests in kid-friendly, high-quality furniture from Lakeshore. Since we work with children of all ages, we buy a variety of furniture that’s suitable for each group of children. Some of our spaces have moveable furniture, which allows rooms to be converted to meet the needs of toddlers, adolescents, or group learning activities. Other spaces in our autism treatment centers have immovable furniture that can’t be thrown or knocked over, which decreases safety risks.

Trumpet also uses Norix seating products, an innovative line of furniture created especially for behavioral healthcare use. In addition to safety features, such as rounded edges and extreme durability, Norix products have anti-bacterial and infection control properties.

The waiting room at BlueSprig autism centers features fun art and comfortable blue couches.

Specialized Flooring

Trumpet uses LVT flooring, a durable flooring option that’s resilient enough to stand up to heavy use and extremely easy to clean. Not only does this help keep our autism treatment center germ-free, but it also has safety benefits. LVT flooring has an innovative stability layer to keep the floor flat and level to reduce the risk of trips or falls.

The hallway in BlueSprig autism centers features a comfortable rug and small blue stools.

Some rooms in our centers have an even softer flooring solution complete with comforting cushions. These rooms offer extra protection against falls and offer a safe place for children to calm down if they’re engaging in destructive or self-injurious behavior.

Autism-Friendly Gym & Activity Area

Our centers feature a large, autism-friendly gym and play area to allow kids to move, play, and even practice social skills. We carefully vet our gym’s equipment to minimize safety risks. In addition to installing a specialized, cushion floor, our gym features beautifully designed playsets that encourage safe play.

The play area at an autism center with a safety floor and a wall decal shaped like a tree.

Wooden playground equipment at the play area of a BlueSprig center.

Safety Fixtures

From corner guards blunt the hard edges of walls. We also install commercial-grade door handles that can stand up to lots of wear and tear. Each of our centers features thoughtful design to keep your child safe and healthy!

Observation Areas

We know that parent involvement is key to helping your child succeed. With that in mind, we’ve built observation areas into one-on-one and group therapy rooms. Parents can use the observation rooms to monitor their child’s progress and learn how our therapists use various strategies to help their child learn new skills. Trumpet follows a strict supervision and quality assurance protocol to ensure each child is receiving the support they need, so our senior clinicians and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) also use these observation areas to ensure we provide consistent and high-quality ABA therapy.

Privacy Areas

Your child’s autism therapy plan is personal, and we create dedicated spaces to protect your privacy. Our insurance specialists and reception team can close the windows in the reception area, allowing them to have private conversations with families over the phone. We’ve also built parent meeting rooms into each center to allow families to meet with their therapy team in private. Additionally, each center also features a separate staff area for our team to take breaks and safely store personal items.

A conference room with a table and chairs at a BlueSprig autism center.

Trumpet’s autism therapy centers are as thoughtfully designed as our individualized autism therapy plans. Interested in learning more about our centers and how we can help your child reach their full potential? Contact us today or visit an ABA therapy center near you.


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