5 Ways to Practice Self-Care on Mother’s Day

BlueSprig May 9, 2020

Mothers often innocently, and with the best of intentions, place taking care of themselves at the bottom of their list of priorities. According to a recent report, 78% of moms prioritize taking care of their family members before taking care of their own health. Moms are selfless and absolutely fearless, but that does not mean that self-care should not be a priority.

With never-ending to-do lists multiplying overnight as many moms find themselves juggling a new work environment while taking on the additional roles of teachers, and stay-at-home parents, that much-needed ‘me time’ inevitably starts to slip further down the list. Looking after your own wellbeing and self-care is important, so check out these tips that you can do at home or while social distancing to make sure you are still looking after yourself this Mother’s Day.

1. Go for a Walk or Run

runner in the woods

Mayo Center suggests that a small amount of exercise each day, in addition to getting outdoors, can help to release endorphins and lift your mood. The article also explains that getting your body moving while enjoying the fresh air has a positive effect on your mental health by improving sleep and managing stress.

2. Start a Journal

pink journal with a plant leaf and pen

Did you know journaling helps balance emotions? It also requires you to set time aside to think and dream. According to the University of Rochester, journaling has many health benefits. You can even write down all of those amazing things your little ones say that you never want to forget. So grab a journal and start writing it all down and commemorating it.

3. Find Time to Switch Off

pillow and tea with a candle by the window

Create a quiet space, just for you. Creating some time for solitude can have major benefits for your health. We found some tips on how to easily create a quiet place in our homes here.

4. Stay Connected

mug by a laptop computer zoom meeting

The Cleveland Center recommends keeping in touch with friends and family to stay connected. Check on them and ask how they are managing. Gather a few friends for a group video chat on WhatsApp, Zoom, or House Party. Arrange a time in the evening when you can have an hour to yourself – just seeing your friends and laughing brings a bit of normality to this new remote way of life.

5. Sleep

gray cat sleeping

According to Harvard Health, sleep deprivation can really affect your brain, and moms are notorious for not getting enough sleep. This can have a negative impact on your health and well-being, and as hard as it may be to set aside time to get some rest, if you can, try resting while your children are resting.

Being a mother is one of the most amazing, important, and impactful things you will ever do! Make time for yourself because your health is important.

Looking for more self-care tips? Check out the May Institute’s tips for parents with children on the autism spectrum here.