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Toys Parents & Clinicians Love for Children with Autism

Toys Parents & Clinicians Love for Children with Autism

At BlueSprig, we understand children's physical, emotional, cognitive, and social well-being are all enhanced by play. Children gain valuable life skills through play, including taking turns, compromising and cooperating, and seeing things from another's perspective. Below you will find a list of toys that we have gathered to help your loved one with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) cultivate their relationships and creativity.  

Cause and Effect Toys for Social Engagement 

Children learn that they have the power to influence their surroundings when they play with cause-and-effect toys. They provide immediate positive feedback and can turn into a simple turn-taking activity. The items listed below will help open the door for social interaction for your child with ASD who may face difficulties when engaging socially.  

Calming Gifts for Overwhelming Sensory Experiences   

If your loved ones deal with the challenges of becoming overwhelmed in situations, items that are slow with repetitive motions and visually engaging may have calming effects. Weighted blankets or snug chairs may also provide a sense of comfort and relaxation to your loved one. Check out a few calming gifts below: 

Fidget Toys to Improve Focus and Relieve Nervous Energy  

To help manage the stress and anxiety of your loved one with ASD, try some of the fidgets below. These items can help reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and can be of great use in the classroom, car or even at a restaurant. 

We hope that you and your loved ones enjoy these toy recommendations! If you are looking for more activity recommendations for your child with ASD, check out our Pinterest for more fun crafts and ideas! 

Learn More About BlueSprig 

Our supportive staff at BlueSprig is available to provide ABA services any time of day, even on the weekend, to accommodate the schedules of our families. We also offer a variety of settings to receive individualized treatments based on the specific needs of each child in-home, center, community, school, and virtually. To learn more, visit our website