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Crafts the Entire Family Will Enjoy

Crafts the Entire Family Will Enjoy

When it comes to having fun crafts and activities for the family, options can be endless. To make it easier on you and your family, especially with the holiday season on its way, we listed a few of our favorite fall crafts for everyone to enjoy! A few of these activities will also help develop your child's fine motor skills, which are muscles in your hands that will later help with holding a pencil and writing. Cutting with scissors and ripping paper are great ways for young children to build those tiny muscles in their hands.

Pretzel Turkeys with Peanut Butter Cups

As Thanksgiving is right around the corner, making tasty treats is something the entire family will enjoy! For this holiday activity, you will need the following supplies: chocolate-covered pretzels, candy corn, Reese's, edible candy eyes, and icing for glue. Since Halloween just passed, you may be in luck if you have leftover candy to supply this activity. In all, this activity takes a little less than an hour to complete and eat! For full instructions, click here.

Harvest Corn Sun Catchers

Bubble wrap can be used for much more than just packing, popping, and stress relief! This bubble wrap sensory activity can help you catch the autumn sun this fall! You will need the following materials to complete this craft: small bubble wrap, 3-4 warm shades of paint, a brush or sponge, a marker, green construction paper, scissors, and a sheet of contact paper. For instructions on how to complete this activity, please click here.

Tissue Paper & Paper Plate Leaf

This creative activity is a fun way to celebrate the many colors of autumn in addition to your fall home decorations. This activity calls for large paper plates, tan or brown cardstock, multi-color tissue paper (yellow, orange, and tan are preferred), craft scissors, glue, and an office stapler. For a full video and instructions on how to create this craft, click here. This craft is the perfect fun décor piece for the children's table this Thanksgiving!

Yarn Apple

This fun activity can also enhance fine motor skills, all while having fun! This craft requires little prep time and is super easy for children to enjoy. The materials that one will need for this craft are paper plates, glue, yarn (red or green preferred), scissors, and, lastly, green and brown construction, or cardstock paper. For full instructions, click here.

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

Crafting can always become more fun when you get to paint! This festive holiday craft calls for eight popsicle sticks, glue, multi-color paper (brown, yellow, white, orange are preferred), scissors, black marker, and brown paint. Whether you decide to make this another fall home decoration or even a Christmas tree ornament, you and your family will have a joyful time! For instructions on how to complete this activity, click here.

For more fun craft ideas, check out our Pinterest page. We'd love to see your artwork masterpieces, so please tag us on social media.