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Families seeking a diagnosis can often find long waitlists, a confusing process, and a dearth of information and resources. BlueSprig is here to help in the process. Select centers can schedule the ADOS-2 and the CARS-2. The results of these assessments can be reviewed by a diagnostician that you are working with and will greatly reduce the time needed in their process resulting in families getting access to services sooner. Additionally, a BlueSprig expert can review the information with you and help you to start planning for next steps in the process.


Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2

The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2) is an instrument for diagnosing and assessing autism. The protocol consists of a series of structured and semi-structured tasks that involve social interaction between the examiner and the person under assessment. The examiner observes and identifies segments of the subject's behavior and assigns these to predetermined observational categories. Categorized observations are subsequently combined to produce quantitative scores for analysis. Research-determined cut-offs identify the potential diagnosis of classic autistic disorder or related autism spectrum disorders, allowing a standardized assessment of autistic symptoms.


The CARS2 assessment is the Childhood Autism Rating Scale, Second Edition. The CARS2 has proven especially effective in discriminating between children with autism and those with severe cognitive deficits, and in distinguishing mild-to-moderate from severe autism.

The Childhood Autism Rating Scale is a behavior rating scale intended to help diagnose autism. The scale was designed to help differentiate children with autism from those with other developmental delays, such as intellectual disability.

CARS2 is only available at select Florida locations.

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