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S4 E4: Clinical Standards and Why We Need Them

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Episode Description

Tim discusses the need for clinical standards with Rebecca Womack, BCBA, who is the Associate Vice President of Clinical Standards for BlueSprig. During the conversation, Tim and Rebecca talk about her work and how she collaborates with the Clinical Team by ensuring all clinicians engage in clinical activities that align with industry standards, research, payor policy requirements, and best practice guidelines. Rebecca outlines why her team's work is so important to BlueSprig leadership and how it sets BlueSprig apart. In addition to her role with BlueSprig, Rebecca also serves as the President-Elect for the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA), and is a member of the Council of Autism Service Providers (CASP) Public Policy Committee.  It’s a must listen-to episode for all BCBAs out there!

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